Duo Thomas Jack to Endorse EPA Green Action Relay Project

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The Green Action Relay Project launched by the EPA to encourage citizens to travel with their own toiletries has been participated by 160 hotels and B&Bs. The EPA invited the duo Thomas Jack to become Green Living Ambassador to further promote the effort. A ceremony was held on Sep. 9 at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall where Thomas Jack was officially appointed by EPA Minister Shen Shu-hung. During the ceremony, the duo called on everyone to take green actions to make this world a more beautiful place and sang the song “The Earth Weeps” on their album, which has been designated as the theme song for the 2011 Green Action Relay Project.
The EPA said that the song by Thomas Jack, a duo under Ocean Butterflies International, depicts a world devastated by mankind’s selfishness and insatiable greed. In such a world, grasslands lose their green, ocean waves know no tenderness, mountains deny us their generosity, and rivers dry up so much that they weep. The claims of the song demonstrate what the project has been pushing for. Therefore the EPA invited the duo to serve as the Green Living Ambassador in a bid to enhance public recognition of green living through various forms of promotion.
The EPA added that Green Action Relay Project has been participated by 160 hotels and over 13,000 people, suggesting that green action ideas are catching on. The EPA therefore called on lodging operators that have not yet joined to take action to protect the environment and join the collective effort. Citizens were also encouraged to bring their own toiletries or to refrain from changing their bed sheets or towels during hotel stay to help build Taiwan into a green island.