“The Office of Resource Recycling” and “The Office of Climate Change” Established on July 1
“The Office of Resource Recycling” and “The Office of Climate Change” Established on July 1

“The Office of Resource Recycling” and “The Office of Climate Change” Established on July 1

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To keep up with the world’s active engagement in resource recycling projects and programs, Taiwan has launched “Transform to Net Zero” and on July 1st, the EPA also announced the official establishment of the “Office and Resource Recycling” and “Office of Climate Change”. By conducting an overall analysis of related policies, laws, and the integration of administrative resources, we will effectively promote resource recycling and greenhouse gas reduction measures so that Taiwan can join the world as a more sustainable country going forward.
With a goal of “maximizing resource recycling and minimizing waste disposal,”
the Office of Resource Recycling will continue working toward comprehensive resource recycling and bringing Taiwan the prospect of effectively using resources as well as waste reduction. With the mindset of “think globally, act locally,” the Office of Climate Change will launch and implement “Transform to Net Zero” and deal with the issue of climate change on a global scale.

“Office of Resource Recycling” Promotes Comprehensive Resource Recycling
According to the EPA, EU, Japan and Korea have actively proposed the action project and program related to resource recycling in recent years to realize the prospect of resource recycling in the next 10 years. In the face of a lack of natural resources and waste elimination channels, Taiwan also seeks to innovate and promote the recycling and reuse of resources effectively. The Office of Resource Recycling will undo the existing framework of legal division, fully analyze the policies and resources, strengthen the management of reusable resources through laws, integrate promoting capacity, and refine the recycling and reuse of resources so that reusable products can be properly used and source reduction and resource recycling can be achieved.

“Office of Climate Change” Implements “Transform to Net Zero”
The EPA pointed out that concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continued to rise and reach historical highs though the lockdown despite teleconferencing and travel restrictions in the past year greatly reducing human activity and industrial production. The UN has also pointed out that 2021 is a critical year for the future of life on earth. President Tsai Ing-wen further announced on April 22, World Earth Day, “to reach net zero emissions by 2050 is the goal of not only the world but also Taiwan.” On the same day, Premiere Su Tseng-chang ruled on the reassessment of the reduction goal in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act. Besides this and in order to speed carbon reduction, many countries have adopted a variety of measures, particularly the “Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism,” which was planned by the EU and expected to be implemented in 2023. It is necessary for Taiwan to embark on this work more actively.

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