Work from home and save energy by picking the right environmentally friendly products

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The Environmental Protection Administration is advocating three programs for working green, living green, and consuming green for sustainability in the next decade, calling on people to take simple actions in residential settings and dedicate themselves to saving more energy in order to facilitate economic development in Taiwan.
The B&Q Shilin Store, which has been designated a green store with green marketing, was chosen by the EPA in 2021 to display green living contexts so that shoppers can become more familiar with how to incorporate green ideas into their lives.
Nian-he Ma, Director of supervision and evaluation of the EPA, joined by Lingyi Tsai, Director of environment monitoring of the EPA; Mengyu Cai, director of air quality protection; and Zhengyu Zhang, director of operations of B & Q Northern Taiwan, all promoted the idea, along with author Xiaogui of Repercussions of Elementary School Textbooks, that our lives can be fundamentally changed as long as we are willing to go green in daily trivialities.
“Green living will become a new paradigm,” said Ma. Indeed, many residents have already substantiated it by taking such steps as recycling, using non-disposable utensils, replacing old motorbikes, facilitating greenery, and purchasing products with green labels. It is crucial that we encourage and mobilize more participation by both the public sector and civil society in internalizing the idea of green living to achieve the ultimate goal of universal sustainability.

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