“Eco-friendly Cutlery” for Food Delivery Platforms - You Order, “Good to Go” Does the Dishes
“Eco-friendly Cutlery” for Food Delivery Platforms - You Order, “Good to Go” Does the Dishes

“Eco-friendly Cutlery” for Food Delivery Platforms - You Order, “Good to Go” Does the Dishes

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent rise of various food delivery platforms, the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.(Taiwan) has collaborated with the Environmental Protection Bureau of Tainan City Government, Foodpanda, and 22 food and drink businesses to promote “eco-friendly food delivery” for the first time in Taiwan. Consumers who order from a participating shop and use the recyclable cutlery will be given a Foodpanda voucher of NT$30. The promotion will start in November and last until January 4, 2021. The goal is to effectively reduce the use of disposable cutlery.
According to EPA statistics, disposable cutlery use in Taiwan has increased by 670 tons during the first half of the year, resulting in resource waste and negative environmental impacts. Therefore, “eco-friendly food delivery” has been launched. The launching ceremony was held at National Cheng Kung University in early November. Deputy-director of the EPA, Tsai, Hung-Te; Tainan City Mayor, Huang, Wei-Che; Senior Public Affairs Manager of Foodpanda, Kuo, Hsin-I; and the co-founder of Good to Go, Sung, Yi-Chen all attended.
The 22 participating businesses are mainly located in the East, North, and West Central Districts. Consumers can search for the LINE official account of Good to Go, become members, order food from participating shops through the Foodpanda app, select “recyclable cutlery,” rinse it after use, and return it to one of the 30 return points, including the 22 shops, NCKU, and the Environmental Protection Bureau within three days. By doing so, they will get the NT$30 discount code, which can be used on their next order.
Director Wang, Yao-Sheng of the Department of Waste Management, EPA, said the first trial project in Tainan was started by the recyclable cutlery business “Good to Go,” which recycles, cleans, and reuses the containers. If the trial is successful, this project could be promoted in other counties and cities in the future.
Good to Go was co-founded by Sung, Yi-Chen and Li, Yi-He, both of whom graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, NCKU. After three years of hard work, the recycling system has expanded to the food and drink businesses in East and West Central Districts. Sung admitted that they are a long way from making profits. However, she is very glad that their concept aroused the attention of the EPA, which has assisted them in establishing the recycling system.
Huang, Wei-Che said that with the rise of food delivery platforms, an average increase of 800 kg of disposable cutlery has been used in Tainan every day. Therefore, the government is now providing an incentives to encourage everyone to use recyclable cutlery.

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