The Service Industry Responds to Environmental Protection by standing behind the environmental prote
The Service Industry Responds to Environmental Protection by standing behind the environmental protection emblem!

The Service Industry Responds to Environmental Protection by standing behind the environmental prote

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In order to commend the effort and support of those in the service industry for green consumption, the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan) held the ‘2020 Commendation Award Ceremony of the Environmental Protection Green Mark for Service Industry Companies’ on the main stage of the ‘2020 ITF Taipei International Travel Fair’ today (2nd). The award was personally given by the Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration, Chang Tzu-Ching, to commend those companies in the service industry that have acquired the environmental protection emblem between October 1, 2019 and September 30 of this year (2020). A total of 18 companies received the award, including 16 hotels, one travel agency, and one restaurant. In addition to implementing basic environmental protection facilities, the companies that received the environmental protection emblem have also proactively introduced environmental protection into their comprehensive operational strategy, showing their dedication to reducing their impact on the environment during the service process.
In order to promote green consumption, in 1992, the Environmental Protection Administration began promoting the environmental protection emblem to enable consumers to better identify real green products. As of October 23 of this year, more than 4,700 cases have earned the environmental certification, of which 42 companies are in the service industry, which includes hotels, travel industry, food and beverage industry, car rental industry, and entertainment/playground industry. The primary source of impact on the environment in the service industry include wastes, food materials, office supply dissipation, water, electricity, and cleaning products usage. Furthermore, the conduct of providing service is an important point; therefore, the major management points of the service industry environmental protection emblem are divided into internal office management and environmental protection or low-carbon regulations during the service process to fully lower the impact on the environment in the service industry.
The Environmental Protection Administration started the promotion of ‘Green Living Information’ in the six areas of ‘green travel’, ‘green diet’, ‘green consumption’, ‘green homes’, ‘green energy’, and ‘green office’. The Administration also participated in the ‘2020 ITF Taipei International Travel Fair’ at the ‘Green Travel Theme Pavilion’ with the theme of ‘Green Living and Fun Together for Everyone’ while inviting every citizen to answer the call to green travel in terms of food, living, transportation, education, entertainment, and purchases, as well as to personally implement measures to reduce resource consumption and promote reuse and recycle.
Through the constant efforts of government agencies and private enterprises, the scope of the green service industry has gradually expanded to not only enhance the international green competitiveness of our country but also gradually increase the support and identification of green services by our citizens. Hopefully, the power of environmental protection and full green living will be promoted even more widely in the future to create an even higher quality of a green homeland for future generations.

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