Forced purchase of plastic bags!
Forced purchase of plastic bags!

Forced purchase of plastic bags!

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An extra charge on drinks ordered through delivery platforms was discovered to be an additional dollar for the required purchase of a plastic bag. However, the public doubts that the apparent user charge is now a forced payment that cannot be cancelled on the delivery order, to which the platform has responded that the cost of the forced purchase of plastic bags is set independently by each individual store.
The deliverer vs. the people: “He will give out the plastic now; even if it’s included in it (the cost), it’s just 1 dollar.” Delivered drink(s) come with an extra plastic bag. The customer wonders when it was bought extra. Upon looking at the receipt, he realizes that he already paid for it.
The customer: “I later realized that I had always been paying the extra dollar for the cost of the plastic bag. I don’t need that plastic bag at all; and there is no way to make changes to the system.” The post stated 1 dollar for the plastic bag. Does this mean it’s required? If I need a bag, I will gladly pay for it. But if I don’t need it, then there is no need to use redundant plastic and generate garbage for just one drink. From an ecological point of view, it is very wasteful. Furthermore, the deliverers have cup holders. Clicking on the delivery platform, one finds that in addition to the cost of the delivery, there is one extra dollar for the plastic bag charged in a subtle fashion. However, no matter what you do, there is just no way to cancel the plastic bag. On other platforms, the plastic bag is clearly an option. Why is it different for drinks from the same drink shop?
The deliverer vs. the people: “There will be (bags) from other shops, right? “No, not really. It depends on the shop.” The platform that registered the customer complaint for the one dollar fee for the plastic bag found that different drink shops may or may not require one dollar for the bag. Every shop is different. However, there is no minimum spending requirement on the platform, to which the platform responds that any order requiring the purchase of plastic bags is open to each shop to decide based on the nature of that order. For consumers who insist that it must be based on a user charge, it would only take a few seconds more to make sure before sending their order next time.

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