Experience Smart Environmental-Friendly Life

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This year the Environmental Protection Bureau of Tainan City has prepared 10 spots for “Tainan Zixin Recycling Stations” which are equipped with an “electronic recycling system”. Regardless of the number of recycled contents people bring to the stations, these recycled contents can be weighed and exchanged for points. The points are then stored on the iCloud system. When these points have reached a certain amount, they can be redeemed for publicity gifts. Meanwhile, a mobile redemption vehicle is also launched and it will tour deep into the remote neighborhoods for promotional purposes.

Since 2015, the Environmental Protection Bureau has helped various communities build up the “Tainan Zixin Recycling Station”. So far, 148 stations have been set up to help people establish good recycling habits through redemption activities. The Environmental Protection Bureau stated that people previously had to collect a certain amount of recycled materials before they could exchange for promotional gifts. However this has changed, now people merely need to drop off the recycled contents materials to the recycling station operated with an “electronic recycling system”. These contents are then weighed regardless of the amount, exchanged for points, and stored on the iCloud system.

Mayor Huang Wei-Cher said that a total of 10 spots of the “Tainan Zixin Recycling Station” using the “Electronic Recycling System” were launched this year to encourage the general public to experience the smart and environmental-friendly life. This includes the following neighborhoods; Datan Neighborhood at Qigu District, Yonglong Neighborhood at Beimen District, Zhongxing Neighborhood at Northern District, Nanyan Neighborhood at Yongkang District, Hedong Neighborhood at Baihe District, Zhongxi Neighborhood at Eastern District, Fuxing Neighborhood at Eastern District, Minde Neighborhood Southern District, Niupu Neighborhood at Longqi District, and Beishi Neighborhood at Guanmiao District. To find out more details about the period for promotional gifts redemption, one can check out the relevant neighborhood offices or visit the website of “Moving the whole people” from the Environmental Protection Bureau for inquiry.

The Environmental Protection Bureau will also launch the mobile redemption vehicles in the Central and Western District every Thursday from now until the end of November. The vehicle will work with the “electronic recycling system” to tour around as it hosts the redemption activities. People can view the official website of the Environmental Protection Bureau to open an account to be able to participate in the electronic recycling and redemption activity. Everyone who opens an account will receive a gift.

News sourse:https://m.ltn.com.tw/news/life/breakingnews/3199582