Can we only choose either development or ecology and not both?
Can we only choose either development or ecology and not both?

Can we only choose either development or ecology and not both?

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There have been opposing views on the matter of offshore wind turbines affecting the migration path of birds and environmental ecology. The Weather Risk Explore Incorporation and WPD Taiwan have agreed to monitor this situation to provide clarity. They will invest NT$70 million into a three-year project to monitor the impact of wind turbines on birds through technology monitoring.
Taiwan has been actively promoting renewable energy, and several offshore wind power plants are set up in the west of Taiwan. Among them, Yunlin Offshore Wind Power Plant, which costs NT$94 billion for construction, is the single largest offshore wind farm in the Asia Pacific. However, the environmentalists and ecologists are concerned about the potential effects the wind turbines might have on the migration path of birds and the environment, as well as the closing pace of operation with the entire plant.
To dismiss external doubts, WPD Taiwan, which is responsible for investing in and developing Yunlin offshore wind power plant, had announced today that it will work with the Weather Risk and Japanese Weather Association (JWA) hand in hand. Together they will invest NT$70 million into a three-year project to analyze the path and scenario of bird migration through multiple monitoring technologies.
Wang Yun-Yi, chairman of WPD Taiwan, pointed out that when land-based wind turbines were in the process of being built and they began monitoring birds as per EIA regulations. Take the Taichung Wind Farm as an example, there have been 7 to 8 years of monitoring data, which is then uploaded to EPA website. According to the data, birds have not only increased numbers but in species too.
Wang Yun-Yi further explained that since previous monitoring was conducted on land and the monitoring data on the sea was relatively scarce. Hence, it is hoped that the situation of birds flying through the Taiwan Strait can be well understood from this project.
Wang Yun-Yi has also indicated that the issue of environmental protection can be tackled by using technology. Hopefully, more figures and information can be obtained through this investigation project. This can help demonstrate the fact that wind turbines do not affect bird migrations and environmental ecology. Most of all, wind farms can build credibility, trust, and support from society as a result of the monitoring data gathered. When Taiwan decides to expand the scale of its renewable energy in the future, it can make use of use the data to avoid sensitive paths and avoid affecting bird ecology.

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