“Scan and Buy” The First Product Rule Violation Record App Is Launched in Taiwan.
“Scan and Buy” The First Product Rule Violation Record App Is Launched in Taiwan.

“Scan and Buy” The First Product Rule Violation Record App Is Launched in Taiwan.

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According to the Environmental Protection Administration, tens of thousands of violations of environmental protection laws occur every year, including air, water, and other types of pollution. Of those violations, many famous brands have been recidivists for years, maliciously and secretly emitting exhaust gas and wastewater and severely damaging the environment. Even though the Environmental Protection Administration reinforces inspection, companies still pollute the environment. Consumers unknowingly purchase products that pollute the environment and unwittingly support these unethical companies.

Consumers are now able to keep track of information in advance! The “Scan and Buy” application, developed by the Green Citizens’ Action Alliance, was launched today (May 5) and is available for free download. Just scan the product’s barcode to get the records of the company’s violations against environmental protection laws. By revealing information related to damaging the environment, we can empower the consumer to know more when making purchase so that supporting or resisting certain products may encourage companies to take responsibility for the environment and prevent them from violating the law.

As indicated by the Green Citizens’ Action Alliance press release, this application that was raising funds at Zeczec recently became available for download through GooglePlay. However, many functions are still under development. Based on the fundraising progress, other functions and its iOS version will gradually be developed.

The Green Citizens’ Action Alliance organizes open records of companies’ violations against environmental protection laws and has developed a handy application. When the consumer scans a product’s barcode, (s)he will see the violation records of the company who makes that product, as well as compare similar products with violation records of different manufacturers and search keywords to select preferred products. It is convenient to choose brands that are more responsible for the environment.

Zeng Hong-wen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Green Citizens’ Action Alliance emphasizes that not all companies with environmental pollution records are unethical and should be resisted. It is hoped that companies that have polluted the environment can really make improvement without breaking the law again. Companies deceiving themselves by thinking that they can cause pollution without anyone knowing should start carefully managing the environment from now on. The Green Citizens’ Action Alliance will continue to keep consumers well-informed of companies that keep breaking the law.

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