Australia fires have burned three Taiwan and 500 million animals have been killed!

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Australia wildfires have burned for months. The wildfires have burned the areas equal to three Taiwan. The economy of Sydney is losing about 1 billion TWD one day. Not only have thousands of residents been forced to leave their homes but the fires have devastated the local economy.

Kangaroo Island is also affected. According to the rescue units, it is estimated that at least half of the koalas on the island are dead.
However, experts estimate that the fires will last for two more months. For the disasters of Australia wildfires, the international stars and British royal members stand up to offer the financial assistance to Australia. Besides praying and donating money, we can still save Australia in five ways!

“The world is concerned about the bushfires in Australia. Besides keeping paying attention and praying, what can we do?”Australia bushfires are estimated to last for two more months. The current crisis is:
1. The burned areas are double the size of South American Fires and six times larger than California Fires in 2019.
2. It is estimated that 500 million animals have been killed in the fires.
3. Experts estimate that it will take more than 40 years for ecology to recover.

The ceaseless fires are connected to the sharp climate change. Climate change has caused the increase of extreme weather, land degradation, desertification, water resource shortage, and rising sea levels.
What can we do in the face of wildfire disasters?
It is no use mourning or praying for rain in front of the screen. Without the practical action, nothing will change.
1. Eat less meat, especially imported beef, mutton, or pork. Animal husbandry is one of the major factors of climate change and global environmental worsening. The greenhouse gas it emits is only second to the emission from energy production. (The worldwide animal husbandry emits more than 70 percent of the non-CO2 greenhouse gases.) It has caused the large-scale cutting in tropical rainforest and large-scale species extinction and impacted the diversity of species. Its low production efficiency consumes a lot of water and land resources.
Make changes into more vegetables and less meat. Humans are omnivorous. Not everyone can live a vegetarian life. Many people may wonder what practical changes the adjustment of personal eating habit will bring. According to statistics, on average, if one man doesn’t consume any animal source food for one month, he can reduce 281 kg of CO2 emission, save 621 kg of crops, and 126,702 kg of water.
2. Buy fewer imported products (including appliances or food) and use the products locally made. The greenhouse gas is emitted in the process of production and transportation. This is the carbon emission as we know. Greenhouse gas is the cause of climate change. The longer the transportation takes, the more carbon is emitted.
3. Reduce the unnecessary expenses, including clothes. Many people can’t resist the promotions such as double 11 and double 12. Actually, they are only the commercial traps luring people to buy the products they don’t really need only because they may save money. Reject fast fashion. “If you wear a cotton T-shirt, its production will take thousands of gallons of water. If the T-shirt is made of viscose rayon, it may completely come from a tree cut down in Amazon rainforest (as viscose rayon is made from plants). If it is made of chemical fiber, acrylic, or nylon, you are wearing a plastic product. When these plastic clothes are washed, the plastic particulates will pollute our ocean.”
Think twice before you make a purchase. Consider whether you need it now, whether you need it in the future, and how important it is to you. Besides, the clothes you don’t need or fit in anymore can be donated or even sold. Choose low temperature when washing clothes and dry them in the sun naturally. Look for the recycled and remade products.
4. Turn off your air-conditioners. The air-conditioners will have two effects on global warming. One is electric energy consumption. The other is HFCs, a super greenhouse gas, identified as one of the major causes of global warming.
When it is necessary to use an air-conditioner, it should be set at the recommended temperature. It is puzzling why many people like to set the air-conditioners to lower than 22 degrees and even 16 degrees for the whole night when they sleep with the thick winter quilt. Please note: “Money is yours, but resources belong to everyone.”
5. Please reduce the use of plastic products. Based on the study of Ellen MacArthur Foundation, at present the plastic production (including the carbon emission in the production process and the carbon footprint of the plastic products) has accounted for 6 percent of the worldwide carbon emission, equivalent to the carbon emission from the global aviation industry.
To sum up, our planet is falling. Our lifestyle should not be “as long as I like it, why not?” anymore. Your selfishness will not only affect others but also lead yourself to the hell step by step.