New Force of Green Point Collection, MIT Smile Products Included

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There are more and more bonuses for green point collection. Minister of EPA, Chang Tzi-Chin, announced this morning that the MIT smile products are included in the green point collection from September 1. The public can get the point rewards by taking public transportation, renting public bikes, and joining in the environmental protection activities. The points can also be used to buy eco-friendly products and make consumptions at the cherish food restaurants, green mark service industry, environmental education facilities and venues, and national forest recreation areas. The green point collection is promoted in various dimensions including “food, clothing, shelter, and transportation.”
Chang Tzi-Chin, also announced that EPA would promote the new activities starting from September including the weekly million green points lottery and 2000-point reward upon purchasing the designated products. The MIT smile products, together with the existing products, enjoy the 10-times green point reward on the weekend to add new vitality to green point collection and also make green point collection become the point collection system with the most bonuses on the market.
EPA held the press conference “Smile Earth Splendid Green Life” together with Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, at the green hotel, Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao. At the conference Chang Tzi-Chin specially announced the information on the “bonuses” mentioned above. Chang Tzi-Chin and the director-general of IDB, Jang-Hwa Leu, called for the domestic stores and dealers to support the green point collection and share the business opportunities together. It can not only serve as the incentives for the manufacturers to apply for the smile logo, green mark, or carbon footprint label but also enhance the green economic circulation.
The director-general of IDB, Jang-Hwa Leu, said there are 814 MIT smile products including apparel, hosiery, towels, shoes, and household appliances added to the green point collection system and 1858 items in total together with the original green products. To buy MIT smile products is to love the earth and support the local industrial development. We encourage the domestic consumers to make more purchases. In recent years, EPA has started to promoted green points and further encouraged the public to put into practice green consumption in daily life. It is expected that by practicing green life more and more businesses will participate in and help the green economic circulation.
According to EPA, at present E-Life Mall, RT-Mart, A.Mart, Hi-Life, 7-ELEVEN, and ETMall are all the designated distributors of green points, with more than thousand products with the green mark and foot print label including household appliances, detergents, thermos cups, stationery, food products, and a variety of daily necessities to be exchanged with points by members. The 320,000 green point members have collected more than 5 billion points.
Since there are so many “bonuses” for the green point collection activity, how do the public join? EPA has indicated that the platform of green points has been combined with the distributors and e-receipts. Without applying for the new card, the consumers only have to apply for the membership and register the e-ticket or member card on the platform website or App, and any purchase of the more than one thousand products announced on the green point website will win you green points. With the green points, you can also have the pay deduction of a maximum of 10%. This is the point system with the most bonuses.
Besides, for the coffee lovers, EPA also continues to promote the activity that the members who bring their own cups can exchange green points for coffee of limited quantity. On the scene of the press conference this morning, besides visiting the product display, many people also register to become the members of green points at the experience area to experience the fun of going green, collecting green points, and enjoying the rewards.
EPA welcomes everyone to actively download the green point collection APP, join the membership, and license the e-ticketing or membership card, not only responding to green life but also enjoying more actual rewards. For more information on green point collection, please check the website or call the service line (02)2651-9502.