Let’s Bike! EPA Gives You Ten-Times Green Points

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Green Point brings good news to our supporters again. From July 1, 2019, green points can be collected at the public bicycle systems nationwide! Until August 31, 2019, those who rent a public bike with an e-ticket will be given one point for every NT$2 of the actual deduction when returning the bike. The green points will be ten-times imported into the members’ account. That is, the members riding the public bike will enjoy a 5% reward. Besides, Environmental Protection Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, adds special bonus to C-Bike in Kaohsiung City. During the first thirty-minute free ride, the users can also get a maximum of 25 points.
EPA said after the public transportation green point collection, this time more profits are offered in the hope that more friends can experience the fun of collecting green points and enjoy the valuable rewards. The convenient and fast public transportation accompanied by the flexibility of public bikes provides students, parents, or office workers with the diverse transportation choices and rewards for the outdoor activities in summer vacation. EPA invites the public to ride bikes and enrich the green life together.
EPA welcomes everyone to actively download the Green Point APP and join the membership and register the e-ticket or member card, not only responding to green life but also enjoying more actual rewards. For more information about Green Point, please visit the website (https://www.greenpoint.org.tw/) or call the customer service line (02)26519502.