Green Hotels all over Taiwan: Go Green and Enjoy Discounts during Environment Season!

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It could be more eco-friendly when the pubic go traveling! Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) collaborates with the green hotels to launch the discount program. Travelers can enjoy the discounts when staying at the eco rooms of the hotels with the green mark. Besides, the activity of “Discounts for Green Consumption” of EPA’s Environment Season will last until the end of June. Those who use the green points in exchange for accommodation fees can win the bonus green points.
The density of the green hotels in Taiwan is higher than that in the US and Japan.
After nine hotels were granted the green marks last year, the number of the green hotels in Taiwan has reached nineteen this June. Compared with the US and Japan, the number is not small. In the US with the area 250 times larger than Taiwan, there are only forty green hotels. In Japan with the area 10 times larger than Taiwan, there are only eleven.
The green hotels vary in different sizes, from B&Bs to five-star hotels.
EPA’s present promotion of green hotels emphasizes not only “quality” but also “quantity.” The green hotels are located all over Taiwan, from the busy cities, mountain areas close to ecology, to even the offshore islands of Kinmen, Penghu, and Xiaoliuqiu. The green hotels with the green mark vary in different sizes, from B&Bs to five-star hotels. The public can choose the different green hotels depending on the destinations and budgets.
EPA offers the green hotel map with the clear introduction to the discount programs.
EPA said those who choose the green hotels can enjoy not only the multiple discounts but also the fine service. The nineteen green hotels are the hotels or B&Bs with good environmental management paying equal attention to energy and resource conservation and service quality. EPA specially offers the green hotel map for the public to easily find the hotels with the green mark and lists the related discount programs on the map for the users’ convenience. When planning for a trip, people can easily find the discount information of the eco stays.
EPA’s promotion of green hotels started eleven years ago.
The promotion of the hotels with the green mark started from 2008. The standard for the green mark was passed by Environmental Label Jury. The first amendment was in 2012, with the golden, silver, and bronze levels. The second amendment was in 2016, making the green mark more correspond to the classification and management in the hospitality industry. In 2018, the promotion of green hotels is expanded with nine hotels added. There are thirty-two hotels in total participating in the verification of green hotels.
Hotels with the green mark are all over Taiwan.
Starting from 2018, EPA has actively assisted the green hotels. In 2019, all the cities and counties join the promotion. The number of the green hotels will rise greatly. At present there are green hotels in eleven cities and counties to choose from, including Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Taichung City, Hsinchu City, Miaoli County, Nantou County, Yilan County, Hualien County, Pingtung County, Kinmen County, and Penghu County.
Enjoy your trip without causing burden to the environment.
Staying at a green hotel not only guarantees the accommodation quality but also lowers the impact of traveling on the environment. The promotion of green hotels focuses on the hotel’s major impact on the environment including waste, food, energy and resource consumption, water consumption, cleaning supplies, and service. In terms of the perspectives of the corporate environmental management, energy conservation measures, water conservation measures, green purchase, disposable products, waste reduction and pollution prevention, the green hotels follow the related eco standards and requirements. They are the top choice for every traveler.
Support green life and enjoy more rewards.
EPA welcomes everyone to choose the hotels with the green mark when traveling, not only supporting green life but also enjoying more rewards.
For more information about the green hotels, please visit the website For more information about the green points, please visit the website or call the green point customer service line +886 2 26519502.