Taiwan Environment Season: “Protect Our Species, Keep the Environment Sustainable”.

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In response to Earth Day, Environmental Protection Administration launched the series activities of 2019 Taiwan Environment Season, “Protect Our Species, Keep the Environment Sustainable” on April 2 (Tue.). The units of the administration collaborated to intensively present 16 environmental protection activities during Taiwan Environment Season, inviting the public to go outdoors and take part in the activities, where they could learn to protect the wildlife and cherish the resources on earth.
Since the great success of the first environmental protection activities on Earth Day in 1970, the UN has made April 22 every year “Earth Day” and June 5 “World Environment Day.” Through the different topics of every year, the environmental protection strategies of various perspectives are promoted to arouse the public’s environmental awareness. The topic of Earth Day in 2019 is “Protect Our Species,” which is to promote the importance of biodiversity. EPA, based on the issue, also designs the LOGO of Taiwan Environment Season with the idea of protecting the endangered species in Taiwan. It is hoped that everyone will protect the environment together and that more people will fall in love with nature and learn how to live harmoniously with all species in nature.
Minister of EPA, Chang Tzi-Chin, explained that 2019 would be the first year to make the duration from April to June Taiwan Environment Season. The major goal is to extend the idea of Earth Day and Earth Environment Day and the popularity of the environmental protection activities with the concept of “festival and season.” During Taiwan Environment Season, there will be diverse activities, including the photographic works and short films recruitment, more green points through green consumption, tours to environmental education sites, air quality exploration, bonus for recycling waste batteries, river and bank cleaning, tree planting, and environmental protection forums. These can be arranged in the itinerary to win green points by means of the camera function of smartphones. People can take environmental action in daily life and earn actual profits. For more information, please visit the website of EPA: https://www.epa.gov.tw/
In recent years, EPA has continued to refer to the latest international trend and method to plan the localized policies for Taiwan. For example, the amendments to the air pollution control acts are to reinforce the planning of improving air quality, the origin and middle management of pollutants, and the end-of-pipe treatment and response. The execution of the total amount control over the heavy metal emission in irrigation water is to make the public eat safe. At the same time, the screening of the garbage on surface water is to guard and return the environment suitable for survival to the wildlife. The measures that the major 14 industries are not allowed to provide the free plastic shopping bags are also promoted. We will keep listening to the public opinions to further adjust the administrative orientations.
EPA said that besides the public involvement, the activities of Taiwan Environment Season will also let the world see Taiwan at the same time. Therefore, after the activities end, the concepts and outcomes of the activities will be collected and registered on Earth Day Network. With the goal of “Million Acts of Green” independently advanced by Taiwan, we will respond to the global mission and connect to the international environmental protection action and declare that Taiwan will never be absent. (Action Website: https://www.earthday.org.tw/)
By holding the activities of Taiwan Environment Season for the first time, EPA expects to arouse the public’s environmental awareness that environmental protection can be done any time and any place in life and hopes the public to support the environmental protection policies and realize the importance of loving and protecting the earth.