“Beep!”, a swipe of your Taiwan High Speed Rail ticket earns you discounts to admission tickets to forest amusement parks

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The Environmental Protection Administration has a new discount program for you. Beginning on March 1, 2019, you earn green points for your HSR ticket purchases. Furthermore, if Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network forecasts the AQI for the next day to be in the red zone or worse, you get double the green points for your rides on the HSR, MRTs, buses, and Taiwan Rail trains on that forecasted day. The EPA wants all people to care about air quality.
The EPA urges people to act green whether they ride or consume. The green point program is being expanded to more venues. Green points can now be applied toward your consumption and lodging at Wuling Farm, Kaohsiung Farm, Qingjing Farm, and Fushoushan Farm of the Veteran Affairs Council. What’s special is that the Forestry Bureau has also joined the green point program. Green points can now be applied toward admission, food, and lodging at the 13 forest amusement parks of the Forestry Bureau. If you use the green points at those parks before the end of March, you also get 500 extra green points. So go ahead and have fun in the eco experience at those parks.
The EPA welcomes you to download the green point APP, sign up, and register your e-ticket or membership card. Then you are supporting green living and enjoying some material feedback. For more detail information about the program, please go to the green point website https://www.greenpoint.org.tw/ or call our service line at (02)26519502.