The Rules and Regulations of Green Procurement in Taiwan E-declaration for Green Procurement

E-declaration for Green Procurement

In order to simplify the green procurement declaration by the government agencies, EPA set up a web-based E-declaration system green procurement in 1996. It integrated green procurement data of each agency automatically into the system, providing statistical information and result for the annual performance appraisal. The E-declaration system integrate real-time results for the head of each agencies to understand and inspect the correctness of declared data. It also helps manage the outcomes of green procurement and analyse the environmental effects of the categories and capital of each agency.

Relevant Functions of E-declaration

  1. Utilize online resources of agency and purchases information of collaborative supplying contract to simplify the procedures of declaration, reduce the loading of paper work and improve the efficiency and correctness.
  2. Provide information of product categories and product amount to estimate the environmental effects of green procurement.
  3. Implement organised e-management to swiftly have situation of promoting green procurement of each agency in hand.
  4. Use statistical measures to analyse relevant information of each agency to be critical references for policy planning.
  5. The declaration system is of organised management to offer chief agencies with real-time situation report and to inspect correctness of declared information of each agency.
  6. Integrate all declared green procurement information and the system can automatically produce forms for different level, statistical data and ratio counts of purchases.
  7. Introduce in purchases information of collaborative supplying contract to analyse the categories and capital of purchases of each agency as a basis for yearly assessment of announced and assigned categories of green procurement.