Green Procurement by Private Sector

Green procurement and consumerism are the essential core values for enterprises in pursuit of sustainable development. The Environmental Protection Administrations of R.O.C (Taiwan) encourages local enterprises to implement green purchases, putting green products which would be more low-polluting, energy-saving, recyclable at the top of the procurement list.
EPA makes an effort to lead enterprises creating a green supply chain. As the demand for green products raise, manufacturer will be requested to be in accordance with the up-to-the-minute environmental regulations. The ultimate goal is to assist enterprises to propose projects such as green purchases, mechanism of green supply chain, and education of green consuming for employees, activities of environmental protection and services of recycling.

Efforts of the EPA

  1. Encourage enterprises and their suppliers to support green purchases, increase green procurement on eco-labeled products, such as Green Mark.
  2. Encourage the enterprises to establish e-learning network on green consumerism for employees and suppliers.
  3. Collect and share case study on successful communication on green consumerism among employees and management.
  4. Provide integrated counseling of green purchases: Support the enterprises to organize green purchases educational training.

The Benefits of Green Procurement Declaration for Private Sector

  1. Enterprises that registered in Taiwan are eligible to declare their green procurement. Eco-labeled products: Type I (Green Mark), Type II (Type 2 Green Mark) and Type III (includes Energy Label, Water Conservation Label, Green Building Material Label) are open for declaration. Furthermore, green products that certified by other foreign eco-label organizations such as energy stars, FSC, PEFC and etc. are also accepted for declaration.
  2. The declaration for private sector method is based self-managed & integrity, in which one is fully responsible for its declaration. Amount and details green purchases could be declared using web based system in order to simplify the administrational procedures.
  3. In order to boost up the declaration, enterprises that accomplish declaration above the amount of NT$30 million within the effective date are eligible appraisal by EPA,to honour its contribution in environmental protection and CSR.