Application and Management of Green Store Qualification to Apply and Regulations to Display Products Procedure to apply for inspection Management of Tracing Green Store


Procedure to apply for inspection

  1. The application can be done after the applicant signs up an account on Green-living Information Platform website.
  2. If the applicant is one of the national-wide chain supermarkets, stores or malls, EPA will get contact with its HQ to offer applying forms to provide relevant data. The on-site inspection of selling products with green products will be implemented by local Environmental Protection Burea (EPB) randomly (surveying 5 to 10 chain stores)
  3. The application of Virtual Green Store shall be inspected by EPA, whilst the Green Store will be inspected on-site by local EPB within 7 days.
  4. Successful applications’ information would be available on the Green Store website. Those that did not meet the requirement of the inspection will be review again by local EPB again.