Application and Management of Green Store Qualification to Apply and Regulations to Display Products Procedure to apply for inspection Management of Tracing Green Store


Application and Management of Green Store

The Green Store system was introduced since April 2008. It aims to promote eco-labelled products and green consumerism among general public. There are more than 10,000 Green Stores nationwide in Taiwan now. In order to promote eco-labelled products, Green Stores are required to offer at least three types of eco-friendly products. In 2013, internet-based retailer could apply for the virtual Green Store too.
The Green Stores can be further divided into two sub-categories: chain-store and communitive store.
Green Stores are required to fulfill requirements as follow, in order to promote green products:
  1. Introduction and management of green products: Introduce more options of green products with attractive display on-the-rack to boast green consumerism.
  2. Green sales strategy: The eco-friendly concepts shall be fused into sales strategy and consumers shall be offered with relevant information of the green products.
  3. Management of environment and public health in shopping malls: Utilise environmental-friendly or recyclable material in packing and other environmental related practice.
  4. Advocate of green consumerism: Provide consumers with information of green consuming and green products continuously.
  5. Participation in eco-friendly activities: Apart from selling green products, the green stores shall actively get involved in activities of eco-friendly ideas for promotion.
  6. Recycling resources: Setup recycling area in the store with proper sign or educational information.
Retailer or stores that registered under the Ministry of Economic Affairs are open for Green Store’s application. Applicant should check the following indicators before the application:
  1. Check the validity of the green products according to the Green-living Information Platform website.
    Green Mark Carbon Footprint Label
    Green Mark Carbon Footprint Label
  2. Use stickers or signs to highlight the green products.
  3. Check if green products are properly labelled.
  4. For virtual Green Store, applicant’s website shall set up a specific page for green products (through catalogue, website, multi-media information devices, Post-ordering leaflets or etc.)