Go Green! Take Public Transportation and Collect Green Points for Free Coffee

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Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) encourages the public to take public transportation and collect the shopping credits of green points. As from November 1, we invite the public to pay attention to the forecast of AQI (Air Quality Index). As long as the AQI for the next day is the red alert or beyond, those who take the MRT, bus, long-distance bus, or TRA on the next day will be rewarded the double green points. EPA also collaborates with the convenience stores involved in the eco-friendly point collection activity. Among them, 7-ELEVEN has taken the lead to launch the activity starting from November 1, “Bring Along a Reusable Cup and Collect Points for Free Coffee.” Those who buy coffee at the convenience stores with their own cups can exchange the minimum 3,200 green points (equivalent to NT.32) for a cup of coffee.
7-ELEVEN even further launches the activity that customers can redeem their green points for the eco-friendly products during the designated period of time. They can also collect the chances to draw lots weekly for iPhone. Besides, from December 1 to February 28, 2019, those taking public transportation during the winter will get the bonus of double green points.

EPA has pointed out that in order to improve air quality, encouraging the public to take public transportation is one of the working points in the long term. According to the statistics of EPA, until September, 2018, the public transportation point collecting activity has issued nearly 3.7 billion points and accumulated nearly 38.3 million usage times of public transportation. Compared with the end of 2017, the number of the green point members taking public transportation has risen by almost 3 times. Up to date, the number of the EPA green point members has become more than 240,000, which proves that the public have shown their support for public transportation by participating in the green point collecting activity.

EPA welcomes everyone to actively download the green point APP and join the membership, not only responding to green life but also enjoying more rewards. For more information or the related activity content on the green point collection, please visit the website https://www.greenpoint.org.tw or call the green point customer service line (02)26519502.