Yilan EPB commends outstanding sectors for green procurement
Yilan EPB commends outstanding sectors for green procurement;Yilan EPB commends outstanding sectors for green procurement
Yilan EPB commends outstanding sectors for green procurement Yilan EPB commends outstanding sectors for green procurement

Yilan EPB commends outstanding sectors for green procurement

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On September 4th 2018, Yilan County Government commended 21 private enterprise groups for committing to environmental protection, with 8 sales operators committed to transforming into green stores for promoting green consumption. Yilan government commended private enterprises which have been supporting long-term green consumption, such as purchasing green products that are environmentally friendly, energy and water conservative, or ones that contain green building materials labels. The government also praised the sales industry for transforming into green stores by selling green products.

In addition, the Yilan County Environmental Protection Bureau now provides guidance and consulting to promote green procurement within the private sector or organization. In 2017, 61 private enterprises received counseling and later reported a declared purchase amount of 197.66 million NTD worth of green products. This highlights the recognition and support of green products and procurement by private enterprises and groups. The 4 enterprises with a declared purchase of over 10 million NTD are as followed: Young Energy Source Mineral Water Co., Ltd. (61.5 million), Ruentex Materials Yilan Dongshan Plant (49.95 million), Formosa Chemicals and Fibre Co., Ltd. Longde Plant (27.3 million), and Saint Mary’s Hospital Luodong (11.13 million).

17 organizations with a declared purchase amount of more than 1 million are as followed: Fo Guang University, King Car Group Yuanshan Factory, Unitech Co., Ltd. Yilan Factory, Formosa Plastics Co., Ltd. Dongshan Factory, St. Mary’s Junior College of Medicine, Nursing, and Management, Yilan City Council of Agriculture, Lan Yang Institute of Technology, Toucheng Leisure Farm, Kai Shuen Aluminum, Yi-lan Huey Deng High School, Chunghwa Telecom Co. Taiwan North Branch Company Yilan Office, Chung Dau High School, Onyx Ta-Ho Environmental Services Co., Ltd. Yilan Business Office, Hongjing Hotel Management Consultant Co., Ltd., Taiping Mountain Villa (Luodonglin District Management Office, Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan), Toucheng Council of Agriculture Association, Tamkang University Lanyang Campus.

There are currently 358 green stores in Yilan. From August 2017 to July 2018, eight stores transformed into green stores: CPC Corporation Dongshan Gas Station, Luodong Gas Station, Jiao Hsi Gas Station, Chong Cheng South Road Gas Station, North Gate Gas Station Eight, Datong Gas Station, Samsung Gas Station, and Toucheng Gas Station. These stores have joined the mission of providing environmental protection products and were also issued green store certificates on September 4th.

Environmental Protection Bureau Director, Hsi Fu Chou (周錫福), mentions that Yilan County has been guiding private enterprises and organizations to carry out green procurement since 2007. It is hoped that private enterprises will help promote the environmentally-friendly products labeled as "recyclable, low-pollution and resource-saving" with the aid of government agencies. The purpose is to partner with private enterprises to gradually improve the recognition of green consumption by the general public. Thanks to private enterprises for their long-term actions in supporting green consumption, "low-pollution, energy-saving (source), and recyclable" environmental protection products will enable the green industry to create more business opportunities. At the same time, it will appeal to the sales operators in the region to introduce more green products and transforming into green stores to contribute to environmental protection while fulfilling their social responsibility. This not only satisfies the consumption demand but also allow our environment to be treated more friendly.

The Environmental Protection Bureau believes that our life is inseparable from consumption, which inevitably leads to the consumption of natural resources and the release of pollutants and toxic substances. If we can implement green consumption and purchase environmental protection products with low environmental impact, not only can we meet demands, but also contribute to the environment. The Bureau hopes that green procurement will promote investment and establishment of additional green industries, while also providing consumers with a variety of choices. If private enterprise groups (communities) and sales operators are interested in green consumption and participate in establishing green stores, please contact the Comprehensive Planning Division of Yilan Environmental Protection Bureau (phone 9907755 ext. 154).

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