Love our Earth, Promote going Green: Kaohsiung EPB commends outstanding sectors
Love our Earth, Promote going Green: Kaohsiung EPB commends outstanding sectors

Love our Earth, Promote going Green: Kaohsiung EPB commends outstanding sectors

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To acknowledge and commend outstanding sectors at promoting low-carbon and green purchase in 2017, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government (Kaohsiung EPB) held the “2018 Awards Ceremony of Outstanding Sectors in Promoting Low Carbon and Green Purchases” and invited the Bean Theatre to perform a play on July 26th, 2018. A total of 69 representatives from enterprises, schools, and district and village offices, and more than 300 general public attended the event.

Chang, Bo-sen (張柏森), Deputy Director of the Department of Supervision Evaluation & Dispute Resolution of Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), and Huang Shi-hong (黃世宏), Senior Technical Specialist of Kaohsiung EPB, awarded the outstanding sectors and the district and village offices for promoting low-carbon and green purchases and acquiring the Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland Copper Certification, respectively. In addition, Deputy Director Chang and Senior Technical Specialist Huang announced that the “Green Point Lottery” will run from August 1st, 2018.

In addition to the award ceremony, the Bean Theatre was once again invited to the event and presented the low-carbon play, The Adventures of the Pig Head Prince Part 2. The performers raised the importance of conserving energy and reducing carbon through the lively and interesting performance.

In 2017, Kaohsiung’s participation in green purchases and carbon reduction resulted in fruitful results. A total of 237 enterprises and schools, which is the 3rd highest number in the country, purchased green products with the total expenditure to exceed 1.8 billion NTD. The sales of green stores located in Kaohsiung City exceeded 3 billion NTD which also ranked the 3rd highest in Taiwan.

Furthermore, Kaohsiung City Government also assisted the Flomo Stationery Museum to acquire the Carbon Footprint Label Certificate for its eraser. This set the precedent in Taiwan. Also, Kaohsiung City Government provided assistance to two districts and eight villages in acquiring the Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland Copper Certification.

Kaohsiung City is also outstanding in encouraging the general public to join the Green Point membership. This allows more people who take notice of and support environmental protection to jointly participate in Green Point events. Through living an environmental-friendly life, Green Point members can earn Green Points and use the points on the Green Point website and designated stores to redeem green products, green accommodations, tickets, and other goods or vouchers. This year, in order to allow more people to learn about the Green Points, the EPB held the Green Point Lottery. From August 1st to September 24th, new Green Point members will earn the chance to win a grand prize when joining the Green Point membership and register with the serial number on the scratch-offs. This event allows citizens to earn Green Points and enjoy various benefits. Further details can be found on the Events Section on the Kaohsiung EPB website.

Director Meng-Yu Tsai of Kaohsiung EPB stated that the event held on July 26th raised citizen’s awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and carbon reduction through the play. It also allowed the general public to participate in the efforts and results of the EPB and businesses in promoting green purchases and low-carbon living and gave positive support and praise to the outstanding sectors. In addition, the event encouraged people to jointly participate in collecting Green Points and implement green living in order to contribute to environmental protection and jointly establish a sustainable land.