【Limited Time Event】Join “Green Point Shopaholic” and win an iPad mini!

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Join the Green Point and win an iPad mini!
Receive a chance to enter the draw by collecting the event code from 3 Green Point designated stores and make a purchase over NTD$300 (include the ones after using Green Point discount coupons). Purchases made in convenience stores will be counted based on the total purchasing amount made on the same day and at the same store.

The more you purchase, the more chance you’ll win a prize!

Event Duration
1st Round: Jun. 1st, 2018 – Jul. 31st, 2018
The list of winners will be announced at the Green Point Website on Aug. 15th, 2018
2nd Round: Sept. 1st, 2018 – Oct. 31st, 2018
The list of winners will be announced at the Green Point Website on Nov. 15th, 2018

A list of winners will be drawn in each round.
1st Prize: iPad mini (1 set)
2nd Prize: 100,000 Green Points (equivalent to NTD$1000 retail value, 3 sets)
3rd Prize: $1000 E-LIFE MALL Coupon (3 sets)
4th Prize: $1000 Far Eastern AMart Coupon (3 sets)
5th Prize: $1000 RT-MART Coupon (3 sets)
6th Prize: $1000 Taisuco Coupon (3 sets)
7th Prize: 50,0000 Green Points (equivalent to NTD$500 retail value, 5 sets)
8th Prize: Limited Green Point bags for bottles (20 sets)

How to enter the draw
Step 1: Register the Green Point Membership.
Step 2: Collect 3 different QR codes from participating stores or websites.
Step 3: Make a single purchase over NTD$300 (If Green Point discount coupons are used, the final purchasing amount after the discount needs to exceed NTD$300). *Each member can only win one prize maximum per round.
Step 4: You have entered the draw!
*Based on the numbers of purchases made, members can receive more than one chance to enter the draw.

Participating Stores:
.Far Eastern AMart
.Eastern Home Shopping
.HCT mall

※ Event Details and Reminders:
1.The event QR Code can be found at each branch of the participating stores or on their official website.
RT-MART/ Far Eastern AMart / Taisuco/ E-LIFE MALL: find the QR code on the posters in each branch (the time and place which the posters are posted may vary.)
Eastern Home Shopping / HCT mall: find the QR code in the Green Point section on the official website
Hi-Life/ 7-Eleven: use the machines in the stores to receive the QR code.
2.Each member can only win one prize maximum per round.
3.Purchased goods must be certified with the “Green Mark” or the “Carbon Footprint Label”.
4.For your consumer rights, please refer to the “Find Goods” section on the Green Point website and the Green Point APP to check whether the goods meet the requirement for entering the lucky draw.
5.The number of goods in stock and the selling of the goods may differ in each store.
6.Green Point Customer Service:
(02)2651-9502   (Mon. – Fri. 09:00-17:00)
7.In addition to the above-mentioned reminders, Green Point reserves the right to edit, change, suspend, and explain the event details. Please refer to the latest announcement by Green Point for the event details.