Earn 10x rewards green points by taking public transportation when the AQI reaches unhealthy level

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To encourage people taking the public transportation, Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (Taiwan EPA) has expanded the green point earning program. Begin from March 1st, 2018, if the website, Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network, forecasts the Air Quality Index (AQI) of the following day to reach the “unhealthy” level, passengers traveling by the MRT, buses, coaches, and trains will receive 10x rewards green points. It is hoped that the air quality could be maintained through collective efforts.
Taiwan EPA states that promoting green transportation has been one of the priorities in implementing environmental protection policies. On weekdays, every $1 NTD spent allows you to earn 1 point, plus get up to 10x rewards green points when the AQI reaches the “unhealthy” level. The EPA has been discussing various ways for the public to use the Green Points earned, such as redeeming traveling costs when taking public transportation and other green-living measures. It is hoped that other transportation and environmental protection bureaus and agencies will begin to participate and integrate for promoting green transportation and bettering the air quality.
The EPA explains that green points can be collected by taking public transportation and can be used in designated stores, including retail stores (RT-MART, Taisuco), convenient stores (Hi-Life, 7-Eleven), and online shopping sites (Eastern Home Shopping and HCT mall). These green points can be used as cash which allows shoppers to receive up to 1% to 10% discount off the original price when buying sustainable products that are certified with the Green Mark and Carbon Footprint Label. E-Life Mall Corporation has joined the green point earning program in February 2018, which allows customers to receive more discounts when purchasing environmental-friendly home appliances.
Taiwan EPA welcomes and encourages everyone to actively participate in going green while receiving rewards in one fell swoop.
For further information regarding the green point earning program, please refer to the Green Point website (https://www.greenpoint.org.tw/) or call the customer service at (02)2651-9502.

Source: https://enews.epa.gov.tw/enews/fact_Newsdetail.asp?InputTime=1070227142331