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    The Effort to Promote Green Mark in Taiwan

    Along with the global effort to promote Eco-labeled products, the EPA of Taiwan initiated the Green Mark products labeling as a voluntary scheme of environmental performance certification and product labeling in Taiwan beginning from 1992. It is aimed to endorse products that have less impact on the environment and resource saving, leading to less wastes and promotes recycling.
    As the fundamental regulations for the promotion of Green Mark, the Directions for the Promotions of the Green Mark Products and the Directions of Green Mark Verification Commissioning System were published in November 1992. EPA assigned the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRT) to draft the Green Mark’s standards and products’ categories, verification procedure to reveal the first chapter for the Green Mark introduction.
    In February 1993, the first versions of standards and products’ categories had been published and opened for application. Later in June, first batch of Green Mark certified products were officially available in the market. In February 1996, the official website for the Green Mark (Greenliving Information Platform) was established to enhance the promotion green consumerism. In 1997, the Environment and Development Foundation (EDF) was founded by ITRT as a solitary organization to facilitate the application and verification of the Green Mark and supports the refinement in the standards and products’ categories.
    The accumulated number of Green Mark products’ categories is shown in the following chart.
    Thanks to the gradual increase in the amount of products of the Green Mark or Type 2 Green Mark, EPA imposed the post-market verification since March 2011, where Regulations of Management and Operation of Environmental Protection was announced. It’s to clearly define the verification operation, including onsite verification, condition and management in sales area and sampling products for verification. The following figure showed the numbers of certificated products of Green Marks in each year:
    In June 2012, EPA announced Directions of the Management for Verification Institutions of Eco-friendly Products to select and manage the certification institutions, which are assigned to cope with application, verification and certification. In November of the same year, EPA assigned the Environment and Development Foundation (EDF) and the Electronics Testing Center (ETC) as the 3rd party certification institutions for the EPA.